An Easter Poem (A Day Early)

Allow me to compose for You,
for I called You
a poem knowing that You
in all You

are art.

You are words dripping
from my tongue, satiating
A thirst for medium
form, and style,

I called

You, Poetry.
You showed up
late and underdressed,
A sight to behold.

All glory,
In the sunlight.


Divine Loneliness: An Excerpt from my Journal

I read my journals after I finish writing on their last pages before putting them away. This journal was particularly heavyhearted. It spans the beginning of a grief process to a hospitalization. This entry was written in the throes of an existentialist faith crisis that I’m still wading through. Needless to say, it’s dark. Though dark, it speaks to something that I’m finding to be true about how I experience God and the world. It’s not polished.  It is the stream of consciousness brought out through journaling. I’ve done little to change the format so it reads as strangely as it spilled from my head to the page. I hope it sparks something in you, dear reader, whatever that something is. Here we go: Continue reading “Divine Loneliness: An Excerpt from my Journal”